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From as far as Canada

Preparation for FOR PETS cannot be underestimated even in Canada. OVEN-BAKED Tradition will present its dog food baked in the oven. Find more at the COBBYS PET stand.

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Did you know....? Dog edition

Dog mouth can exert pressure amounting up to 90 kg per square inch and some breeds can bite up to 200 kg

That needs some serious bite-proof toys.


A cat can remember an event for up to 16 hours, while dogs no longer than 5 minutes? 

Train their minds with interactive toys.


Between a human and a dog is the strongest bond?

Care for them by playing together.


Between the 3rd and 4th month a puppy begins to change its teeth and has a hightend need to bite?

Give them proper toys, that will not hurt them while chewing.


Find more on SUPER ZOO stand.

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What do you know about poison-dart frogs?

Dendrobatidae or "poison dart frogs" aren't poisonous in captivity? Most of the breeds gain their poison in their home regions by consuming small inverterbrae (bugs, ants, spiders, etc.). In captivity, they do not get this natural food, and hence are completely safe without loosing any elegance or beauty. Posion dart frogs can be bred in terrariums with a low water level (paludarium), but beware. Even though they are frogs, they do not tend to be good swimmers. 

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Did you know?

That Corn snake's lenght can reach between 100 and 150 centimeters? Even though it spends most of its time hiding between the stones, in tree hollows and in other very narrow spaces, it does need a terrarium of at least 90 cm in lenght in adulthood. One of the reasons for this space is the creation of various temperature zones which include both a place for warming and a colder part. But a smaller terrarium cannot accomodate this place. Find out on the Repti planet exposition.

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Spring Star Show 2019 Cat Exhibition

First weekend in March will see an interntional cat exhibition Spring Star Show 2019. The aim of the exhibition is to present to the public various cat breeds and to present the pedigreed cat breeding. The Expo will see up to 150 cats from 30 different breeds from the whole world. Find more here.

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Apply now for the best available location and discounted prices!

FOR FAMILY(FOR KIDS, FOR PETS, FOR HORSE) is opening their gates  04-07 April 2019 for all the children with their parents, pet lovers, horse fans and anyone who is interested! We build on the success that attracted over 289 exhibitors and over 37 000 visitors from all around the world.


If you are willing to be a part of this event and see yourselves as one of the exhibitors, the right time to apply is NOW! The advantages of applying now are the perfect available location and the cheapest prices. 


Do not hesitate to ask for an individual offer, calculation or any other question

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Adopt a cat at FOR PETS


Part of the fair will be the traditional exhibition of cats, which is organized by the HAF & MŇAU magazine in cooperation with the Foundation for the Protection of Animals. The cats will wait for you for four days in the hall 2D. The list of registered shelters can be found here

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British companies at FOR PETS

British companies will present themself at the FOR PETS trade fair, with the presentation of pet supplies and horse supplies. They will also look for a new partner or representative at the Czech market. You can find them at the Conference hall 1, at the Entrance hall 1 on Friday 13.04.2018 from 11:00 till 12:00 you may be able to join their presentation about the new trends from the UK. 

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Download Application Here!
The 8th annual exhibition of breeding needs will take place with the spring fairs FOR FAMILY from 12th to 15th April 2018 in PVA EXPO PRAGUE.
If you are interested in expanding the list of exhibitors, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.
The first closing date for discounted price is 30 November 2017.

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Lecture: New breeding needs and trends on British and American markets!

On 7th of April 2017 we had an honor to have a British Chamber of Commerce together with the Embassy of United States presenting brand new trends for breed equipment for pets. The lecture was held by Filip Franek, Head of Trade Team and Veronika Nováková - Business manager. BCC hosts Pet Supplies Market visit with Fish4DogsButchers Pet CarePetface, PetQuip ( and The Dog Treat Company

Please find the video link below :

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