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Invitation to China Pet Fair 2020

CPF2020, as one of the most well-known pet fairs in South China, is envisioning an attendance of 300 exhibitors and 20,000 person-time visitors on a 30,000 sq.m show floor. In last edition, we welcome IN PLUS, ROYAL CANIN, PURINA, NUTRAM, PRO PLAN, Petmate, CANIDAE, ISCO, FURminator, VeRUS, Vitakraft, STARMARK, Myfoodie, OUDI PET FOOD, CHONGY, AIDODO,TAILUP, RIYOKA, and so forth. And concurrent activities like groomer competitions, dog/cat pageant, new product launch, pet shop management forum, etc, were popular among the exhibitors and visitors.


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Yoggies – Grand Reveal

Do you know that feeling when something is amiss? You know it will be something big... but you do not know what! 

That is the suspense in which Yoggies keeps us. Expect a big reveal on FOR PETS Fair.

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Photo corner at FOR PETS

Everyone wants to have a memeory from FOR PETS. 

We cordially invite you to visit the stand of Akinu CZ where you can utilitize a photo wall. Stand no. 2B14 can be found in the Hall 2. Your photo will be printed out for free and can even be the winning one....???? Winning photos will be marked and their author can pick an Akinu treat, toy or other of prepared prices. 

We look forward to all of you.



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Honza Drobný and THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY - or a lost white man and an old dog on a road throughout the continents

Do you want to hear an interesting stry of Honza Drobný (not just) about overcoming obstacles or finding a way? Come in the Saturday 6. 4. in 13:00 at FOR PETS (Entrance Hall I, Conference center, hall 1) on an interesting presentation about travel with Teky the dog. Every listener will get a small gift and you can order a book which is sold out now, but after a reprint we will send them out with a personal note from Honza. Meet Honza and his current four-headed pack at the SOKOL FALCO exposition, stand no. 2B18 in hall 2. 

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Meat cans with 100% meat

Czech manufacturere FALCO manufactures meat products for cats and dogs for more than 25 years. Meat cans include 100% meat and are suitable for all breeds, ages and sizes of cats and dogs. They do not include any flavoring, soy, conservants or colorings. Wide array of types of muscle in combination with offers gives cats and dogs a truly colorful diet. All types can be seen and bought at the stand. 

An offer of own dried meat treats will also be seen at the stand. During their making, no chemistry is used and they are dried only by hot air. A range of more than 50 types of iced meats and salamis are availble as raw feed or for own preparation. Everything availible at brand stores or e-shop.

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Limited edition Rabbit Muscle without bone

On this years' Fair the manufacturer FALCO will unveil a limited edition of meat can with RABBIT MUSCLE for cats and dogs. It is a spring premier, which can only be bought in APRIL. It is a 100% honest pieces of muscles without bone. This edition is different not just by the type of meat but also a cap in a color of spring grass and an easter sticker. This premier will be presented and sold on the stand in the duration of the Fair.

Along with the april special, the entire month will host a big photocontest on SOKOLFALCO Facebook page. Join and win products worth 2000CZK!

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New line of meat cans for cats and dogs

First grade feed for cats and dogs of all age, breeds and sizes. Can with a 120g weight. Single portion - size designed for easy feeding. Just take out of the can in a bowl and throw away the packaging. No storage needed.

Can is packed in a group package of 8 pieces, but can be bought individually. FALCO DOG and FALCO CAT lines both from three types - deer leg, beef leg or salmon fillet. All 100% muscle - cans are filled by hand and only by a pure muscle. Without adding any cereals, rice, vegetables or offal. Luxurious product for true gurmans.

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Microchip implants and animal registration at FOR PETS Fair

FOR PETS Fair will again host a veterinary and microchip ambulance - VETCENTRUM Duchek, which will offer microchip implantation of dogs for discounted prices, also anti-parasitics for animals and their application, including antihelmintics and ticks, and free-of-charge counseling in prevention and feeding.

Included again will be PET FAMILY - a central registration of animals, which will be found at ANIMAL SAFETY FOUNDATION (NADACE NA OCHRANU ZVÍŘAT) into which visitors could register their pets for free - cats and dogs, but also ferrets, rodents, birds, lizards and other animals. Visitors with dogs without microchips will have the option to visit the veterinary and microchip ambulance - VETCENTRUM Duchek and then register their dogs at PET FAMILY - a central registration of animals.

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Did you know that brewer's yeast...?

are a by-product during beer brewing processes and are a completely natural product? They have a high vitamin B content and not only they support the apetite but have also positive effect on skin and hair of dogs. They help with overall vitality and immunity of dogs.

PROSPERA PLUS recipes utilitize brewer's yeast as an inseparable part of the feed used for "Mini" category of small breeds (which have 1-10kg in adulthood).

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Did you know....? Cat edition

Average lifespan of a cat keeps growing and reaches up to 15 years nowadays. Official and unofficial sources talk about cats reaching even over 30 years. The oldest unofficial cat is Creme Puff, born in 1967 who lived up to incredible 38 years and 3 days. The lenght and quality of life of Your cat can be greatly influenced by high quality feed.

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