Microchip implants and animal registration at FOR PETS Fair

FOR PETS Fair will again host a veterinary and microchip ambulance - VETCENTRUM Duchek, which will offer microchip implantation of dogs for discounted prices, also anti-parasitics for animals and their application, including antihelmintics and ticks, and free-of-charge counseling in prevention and feeding.

Included again will be PET FAMILY - a central registration of animals, which will be found at ANIMAL SAFETY FOUNDATION (NADACE NA OCHRANU ZVÍŘAT) into which visitors could register their pets for free - cats and dogs, but also ferrets, rodents, birds, lizards and other animals. Visitors with dogs without microchips will have the option to visit the veterinary and microchip ambulance - VETCENTRUM Duchek and then register their dogs at PET FAMILY - a central registration of animals.