For exhibitors - FOR PETS


1. See the application form below:

Fillable forms in pdf format.

Individual sheets:  Forms in pdf format.

Application documentation A:  Separate order of the place; construction of stands; technical services

Application documentation B:   Discounted offer (order of the area and construction of stands including equipment)


2. Fill, sign and stamp the application form and send it to the manager (contact email below)

3. You will receive an invoice for a deposit and when the payment is made, you will receive the location.


  • Instructions for assembly, disassembly and the course of the fair
  • Order catalog of services
  • Application for the Grand Prix competition


1. deadline for discounted registration prices: 12 January, 2024

2. deadline for discounted registration prices: 23 February, 2024

Deadline for applications: 4. March, 2024

Deadline for technical services 4. March, 2024

Preparation of assembly and exhibitions
09 - 10 April, 2024/ 8.00 - 20.00

Exhibitors registration
09 - 10 April,  2024/ 8.00 - 18.00

Event date for exhibitors

11 April, 2024/ 9.00 - 19.00

12 April, 2024/ 9.00 - 19.00

13 April, 2024 / 9.00- 19.00

14 April, 2024/ 9.00 - 16.00


Dismantling of exhibitions
14 April, 2024/ 16.00 - 0.00

15 April, 2024/ 0.00 - 10.00



Entrance hall I - Česká spořitelna

Entrance hall II - Česká spořitelna


  • Compound profile
  • Presentation of the PVA EXPO PRAGUE compound
  • Exhibition site plan
  • Catalog of advertising spaces
  • PVA EXPO advertising space order
  • Technical specification of the compound



How do I ship my products to the fair? Is there a storage? 

- for logistics, storages or anything related, please contact : CENTRUMSPED s.r.o., Filip Červený - Forwarders  Mobile: + 420 : 602 501 381, E-mail:

What is included in the price? 

- It is very individual and depends on your orders, for making the exact calculations, please contact the email below.

Where can I find the list of exhibitors? 

-  it will be published on our website, you can find the list of exhibitors from the previous fair in the final report below 

Can I still apply after the deadline? 

- it depends on the availability, but we will do our best to work this out 



Payments are made via bank transfer in CZK or EUR only 

Additional payments upon registration at the fair are made only in cash (we have an ATM right next to it) 

In case of any questions please contact:


Hana Kovářová

manager FOR PETS

M: +420 739 003 153